The dashboard is where you can find quick insights and real time data to help you manage your homeschool or co-op.

Here’s an example dashboard for a homeschool family.

Today #

This provides a one glance summary overview of what’s on the agenda today for the entire account.

What’s being done today, what’s past due, and what needs to be graded are all important details for staying on top of your academic progress.

The weather will come from the zip code of the account’s mailing address.

Academic Progress #

This provides the progress against your lesson plans.

If you enter lesson plans on a regular occurrence throughout the year (ex: a month at a time), this lets you know that you’re running out of lesson plans and need to add more to your classes.

This is also a great progress tracker for students to see that they’re progressing towards their goals of completing their classes.

Student Summaries #

This provides a one glance look at how your individual students are doing.

You can see their past due work, what’s due today, and their on-track streak. The streak is updated once a night (when they have assignments) and if there’s nothing past due, it will increase.

You can also see their current lowest grade from all of their classes that are active.